Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian teen south of al-Khalil amid rising tensions

Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian teenage boy south of the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron), amid simmering tensions in the occupied territories over Tel Aviv’s US-backed scheme to steal more Palestinian land.

Palestinian media reported that Zaid Jamil Al-Fayoumi, 14, was shot dead during clashes with Israeli soldiers at Fawwar refugee camp on Wednesday morning.

Later in the day, a funeral procession was held for the Palestinian teenager.

The Fawwar clashes, which also wounded five more Palestinians, came one day after an Israeli soldier was killed by a rock thrown at his head during an arrest campaign in the northern West bank town of Ya’bad.

In search of the perpetrator, Israeli soldiers once again raided Ya’bad on Tuesday evening, ransacked several houses, interrogated locals and rounded up at least a dozen people, including two whole families.

They also fired live ammunition, tear gas and stun grenades at the Palestinians during the clashes. One Palestinian was hit by a rubber-coated bullet in the foot and dozens were affected by tear gas.

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