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“Israeli Soldiers’ Stupidity More Dangerous than Hezbollah!”

Zionist media reported on Wednesday that a “stupid game” was behind the critical injury of an Israeli soldier in a base in the Zionist entity’s north.

According to Maariv correspondent Tal Lev-Ram, the Israeli soldier was injured as fellow soldiers were hurling stones at each other.

“Circumstances of the soldier’s injury are unbelievable! No soldier was injured by Kornet, but one was critically wounded due to a violent and stupid game,” Lev-Ram said referring to Kornet missiles fired by Hezbollah at Avivim military base last Sunday, in retaliation to Israeli aggression on the Lebanese resistance movement a week earlier.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli media reported that an investigation has been opened after a soldier was seriously injured in the head in “non-operational circumstances” on Tuesday.

Another Israeli reporter slammed the incident, blaming occupation soldiers’ recklessness for the injury.

Israeli channel 13’s military correspondent said: “The soldiers’ stupidity and recklessness are sometimes more dangerous than Hezbollah.”

Hezbollah released a footage on Monday showing the anti-tank Kornet missiles precisely hitting a military vehicle in Avivim base a day earlier.

Source: Zionist media

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