Israelis in Shock, Shame as Gaza Prepares to Dictate Another Lesson of Victory

The ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza strip has proved so far, how fragile and mistaken were, the calculations, plans and preparations of what was called once “the invincible army”.

Again, and again, the direct confrontations between the resistance movements, with all the restrictions and limitations they suffer, and the occupation army proved and continue to prove many points that were almost impossible to think of, or even theoretically presume in the past:

First, the Israeli occupation has been unable, after four days of intensified continuous shelling from air, sea, and ground fire sources to silence the Palestinian resistance fire, especially, the long range missiles that continues till now to fall over Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and many other cities, towns and settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. This is to be considered a heavy weight blow and a devastating failure on both the military and the intelligence level, hence, on the first level; the army leaders did not do their homework properly, and rushed to announce their success in destroying the Palestinian arsenal, before making sure that they really did, and on the second level, this strategic failure has reflected the huge degree of ignorance and lack of accurate information within the intelligence apparatuses.

Second, the resistance forces have proved an advanced degree of maturity, wisdom, and guidance as much as they proved competence, readiness and efficiency in directing their steps in the battlefield; the announcement of the different resistance groups about forming a unified operation room to organize and coordinate their operations and military confrontation with the enemy is enough a message to show the maturity of the Palestinians, and their recognition of the deep need to send a very strong message to the enemy, and to the whole world about their united efforts in fronting the aggression.

More important, are the many successes that could be counted to the resistance forces in their capability to build this exceptional military and intelligence power while they are under the tight surveillance of the Israeli security and military apparatuses, and while Gaza as a whole is under siege. The Palestinian resistance has been able to surprise the enemy by its missiles capabilities, not only with the range of the missiles, and the places they could reach, which by itself is a real shock to Israeli leaders, but also by the accurate information about the strategic installments and military locations that the resistance has on its military map.

The resistance forces are yet to surprise the enemy more and more if he decides to start his ground offensive against Gaza, something he has been threatening of since the beginning of the aggression. According to well informed sources, the resistance has prepared a network of diverse ambushes that will certainly bring him a swift and devastating defeat and put his elite forces into shame in an unaccounted and unprecedented way.
Actually, the resistance fighters are eager to engage in a ground battle with the enemy soldiers, because this is the front where the resistance could best display its bravery, and show the enemy the degree of strategic plans it could make to sabotage his aggressions and conspiracies.

Whether the ground offensive will take place or not is a situation of wait and see; but it is very evident that the enemy has dragged itself into Gaza quick sands that could swallow his soldiers. The Israelis are trying to find a way out by sending messages for many parties to interfere and engineer mediation and diplomatic efforts to bring them down from the high branch of the tree they climbed. Meanwhile, the resistance forces are not in a hurry to help the enemy get away with another episode of his incessant crimes. They know better what is right to do in time and place, and they will make sure this time also to come out with political and military gains that will bring a new bloc to the already established monument of victory and liberation.

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