Israel’s Media Warns Gov’t against Any Miscalculation with Hezbollah during Lebanon Protests

The Zionist media outlets have been recently focusing on the ongoing protests in Lebanon and the profits ‘Israel’ can achieve out of the involvement of Hezbollah in the Lebanese domestic issues.

The Zionist analyst for the Arab affairs Yoni Ben Menachem considered that Tel Aviv can gain from the Lebanese crisis which will reduce Hezbollah readiness for war with ‘Israel’, adding that the entity benefits from any woe in the Arab countries.

Ben Menachem hoped that what he called as Lebanon Uprising lasts as long as possible, warning the Israeli government against any miscalculation with Hezbollah.

The Zionist National Security Research Institute posted a report prepared by the researcher Orna Mizrahi, stressing that instability in Lebanon endangers ‘Israel’, especially if Hezbollah continued accumulating its military power.

 The Israeli analyst for the Arab affairs, Smadar Perry, wondered about the effects of the Lebanese crisis on Hezbollah, highlighting the protest held by the Lebanese traitors in the Zionist entity in support of the demonstrations in Lebanon.The newspaper ‘Israel Today’ warned that if the Lebanese protesters pressed on Hezbollah to hand over weapons, it may start a war with ‘Israel’.The Jerusalem Post also focused on a video posted by Al-Manar English website on its Twitter account which showed some Lebanese protesters preventing Al-Manar crew from filming their movement.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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