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Issue of Palestine belongs to whole Islamic Ummah

Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Nasser Abu Sharif said on Monday that the US fears that the Islamic Republic of Iran would turn into an exemplary model for world Muslims.

He made the remarks in a confab dubbed “Studying the status of Palestinians under the shadow of Islamic awakening” that organized by Qods News Agency in Tehran on Monday.

The US does not fear Iran finding access to any type of nuclear weapons but they are concerned about Iran’s leading role in connection of Islamic nations, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is now regarded as a powerful country which has successfully made scientific and technological achievements in the region, he said adding that for the same reason the West has launched an economic battle to stop the country’s progress.

Referring to military facilities and assistance provided by bullying powers for the Zionist regime, he said it is not possible to liberate Palestine with limited resistance as the issue of Palestine belongs to the whole Islamic Ummah, he said.

The first and second Intifada (Palestinian uprising) left great impacts on Muslim nations, he said.

In the West Bank, the autonomous government is regarded as a big hurdle because it does not even let the Palestinians stage peaceful demonstrations, he said.

It is among responsibilities of Islamic nations to help the Palestinian people, he underlined.

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