Istanbul Council, its groups and TV instigation Channels escalate terror against Syrians

After two days of the threats uttered by groups of the so-called the free army affiliated to Istanbul Council to make the Syrian people and the public properties targets for their crimes, those groups started to execute the orders of killing hitting a number of houses and citizens in several Syrian areas, particularly Homs.

In light of the statements of Ammar al-Wawi on Saturday who said that all in Syria are supposed targets to the groups and their sabotage forces, a number of Syrian cities witnessed terrorist acts which hit civilians and military members alike, particularly in Homs and Idleb synchronized with what has been broadcast by channels that are partners in the Syrian bloodshed.

The role of the misleading and provocation Channels was not restricted to broadcast allegations or lies, but it shifted to operation rooms which order agents and mercenaries of Istanbul Council to kill, assassinate, kidnap civilians and military members as well as ruin public and private properties.

In the context of their involvement in the bloodshed, the instigation channels host some of those who call themselves opposition to give orders to their agents to kill innocents and attribute terror to the Syrian national Army.

Bassam Jaara and Mohei al-Din al-Lazikani occurred on sedition TV channels saying that there were military reinforcements near the University City in Homs before news come to announce the fall of victims, while others considered that today will be the most in violence, and this what happened later at the hands of terrorists who targeted houses, mosques and the army checkpoints.

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