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Italian women stage rally for rights

A number of Italian women came together on International Women’s Day to protest against their minimal role in the Italian society.

The protesters expressed their anger about what they regard as their marginalization in the society, where they still receive lower salaries and fewer job opportunities, Press TV correspondent reported.

While 60 percent of the Italian graduates are female, only 40% of the managerial positions are occupied by women and on average, they are paid 20 percent less than their male counterparts.

This is not the first time that women have spoken out in this matter. However, the issue has a greater relevance now than in the past as Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is set to be tried in court for allegedly soliciting an underage prostitute.

Many of the demonstrators emphasized that Berlusconi’s behavior appears typical of other Italian men as he objectifies women based on their looks rather than their qualifications.

There are a number of high profile women in Italy, most notably Letizia Moratti, the mayor of Milan, and there is still hope that one day Italy will elect a woman as prime minister.

Many analysts argue that Italian females deserve a greater political role in the country. With both the center left and center right in need of new figureheads, there is speculation that a woman could emerge to assume a leadership role, something that would revolutionize the way females are portrayed in the Italian society.

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