Jaafari: Syria to Pursue all Those Who Finance Terrorism


Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed that Damascus will pursue all those who finance terrorism in the crisis-hit country.

Speaking at a Security Council session on Thursday, Jaafari said that Syria will not allow a second Sykes-Picot to pass.

Syria will pursue all those who finance terrorism in Syria whether through buying the stolen oil from the armed terrorist groups or through any other way, Jaafari said.

“Syria will not allow a second Sykes-Picot [Agreement] to pass at the expense of the region’s peoples.”

He affirmed that Syria will be the strongest circle in confronting the attempts to impose any new reality alien to the region, noting that Damascus is determined to implement the political solution through a Syrian-led national dialogue.

Jaafari said Syria was in the third place internationally in terms of security but an internationally- and Gulf-backed element of destruction represented in the terrorist groups with takfiri thinking worked to sabotage the atmosphere of security in Syria.

He slammed some countries hosting displaced Syrians over trying to bargain on them and prevent them from returning home.

“There are scores of political, media reports and testimonies which have proven that the armed terrorist group recruit children and push them to bear weapons in the terrorist acts,” he added.

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