Japanese Envoy: Geneva Deal Heralds Promotion of Tehran-Tokyo Ties

Japanese Envoy

Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Koji Haneda felicitated Iran and the world powers for striking a deal to settle their differences, and stressed that the agreement will lead to the improvement of the relations between Tehran and Tokyo.

“I hope that the relations between Iran and Japan will further improve after the Geneva agreement,” Haneda said in a meeting with provincial officials in the Southern Iranian city of Bushehr on Monday.

He felicitated Tehran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) on settling their differences and reaching an agreement in their Sunday meeting in Geneva, and said, “A highly good step has been taken for (to the benefit of) Iran and it was a big step and we will witness Iran’s further progress from now on.”

Haneda also underlined his country’s enthusiasm for the further expansion of cooperation with Iran, and said, “Japan attaches much importance to the economic relations with Iran and we try to continue these ties.”

Diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan were formally established in 1926 and throughout history, the two countries have maintained a friendly and strongly cooperation in various arenas.

The two countries’ officials have held talks in different economic, trade, political and cultural fields in recent years to explore new ways of expanding bilateral ties.

Iran is one of the main oil suppliers to Japan.

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