Johnson aware of Blair lies on Iraq war

Johnson aware of Blair lies on Iraq warLondon Mayor Boris Johnson joins the long queue of politicians who say they were duped by Tony Blair in 2003 into supporting the war on Iraq.

According to AFP, in truth, Johnson was not duped. He knew, as did the majority of the British public who opposed the war in the largest demonstrations ever seen in this country, that Tony Blair was spinning a pack of lies, not least in his claim that Saddam Hussein could launch weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in 45 minutes.
Johnson now says: “The more I listened to the debate back in 2003 I started to think it probably was a load of nonsense.”
But Johnson, like the 244 Labour MPs who lined up with the Tories to give Blair the vote he needed to get his war agreed by parliament, also knew that Blair’s dossiers to justify the war – in particular the notorious ‘dodgy dossier’ plagiarised by Alistair Campbell from a ten-year-old PhD thesis he found on the internet — were concoctions of deception and blatant lying.

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