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Jordanian commandos join war on Houthi fighters


Jordanian commandos have recently joined the state-led and Saudi-aided offensives against the Houthi fighters in northwestern Yemen, reports say.

The Arab-language daily Sada-Najdhejaz reported on Saturday that the commandos, enlisted with the Jordanian military’s crack forces, had joined the fight in the northern Mount Al-Dukhan.

The military contribution was enabled by Saudi Arabia, which received the forces at its Tabuk Military Base a few days ago before airlifting them to the northern Yemeni territories, the newspaper added.

The auxiliary units reportedly incurred heavy losses in their struggle against the Houthi fighters.

Foreign troops joined hands with Sana’a after Yemeni forces failed to produce result through Operation Scorched Earth, which was launched in August.

This is while sources say that the Yemeni troops are divided over the conflict, with some not having a motive to fight the Houthis. According to the sources a large number of soldiers in the Yemeni military are Zaidi Shias, hence sympathetic toward the Houthis.

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