Jordanians angered by Shimon Perez visit to Amman

Jordanians angered by Shimon Perez visit to Amman

Tens of Jordanians have condemned the visit by Zionist regime president to Amman before the prime minister’s office.
Al-Alam news website reported that protesters stressed the hunger strikes by Jordanians in Israeli prisons, condemning Zionist president visit to Jordan, and chanting slogans against him. Protesters also believed that Davos Summit was a conference for normalization ties with Israel and making the nations impoverished, and that “the summit was a dishonor to Jordanian people, and an attempt by the establishment to normalize political and economic relations with Zionist regime.”

Demonstrators also stated that Shimon Perez visit to Amman coincided with 67th anniversary of Jordan’s independence from colonialist Britain, and since two years ago, Jordanians have launched fight for realization of justice and esteem against ruling system and multinational companies which ‘plundered natural wealth of the nation and deprived Jordanians of their national wealth, since they converted Jordanians to a consumer nation.’

Media activists and reporters present in the Media Center of Conference Palace in the Dead Sea to cover Davos economic summit, boycotted the conference when Israeli reporters attended the place. The witness accounts had it that Israeli reporters came along with Shimon Perez and as a provocative act; they were wearing Jewish caps to highlight their Jewish identity.

The same accounts said that reporters had not come to the Conference Palace until Israeli reporters had left.

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