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Kabaha: PA arrests of Palestinian youths in WB is national, religious and moral crime

images_News_2013_09_27_wasfi-kabaha01_300_0 (1)Former Palestinian minister of prisoners affairs Wasfi Kabaha condemned PA arrests of Palestinian youths in West Bank for their political affiliation, considering it a national, religious and moral crime.

Kabaha’s statements came after the PA forces arrested six students affiliated to the Islamic Bloc at An-Najah National University on Thursday. He said that such arrests create a state of tension among the Palestinian people.

He pointed out that the PA escalated political arrests came in coincidence with the Israeli escalated arrest campaign in reference to the security coordination between the two parties.

This policy is in violation of Palestinian people’s customs, values and heritage of struggle and resistance.

Kabaha called on national forces and human rights organizations to expose the PA forces’ crimes and to pressure it to stop persecuting the Palestinian youths particularly the liberated prisoners and students.

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