Kabul slams US over security violations

The Kabul government says the US-led military alliance is violating security agreements by killing Afghan security guards and civilians.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said NATO was violating a security agreement it had signed with the Kabul government based on which all NATO operations in Kabul must be cleared with the government.

The development comes days after US-led forces raided a private security company’s compound in Kabul killing two Afghan guards.

“Foreign forces have conducted an operation in district four of Kabul city in which two private guards of the business were killed,” said Mohammad Zahir, the police chief of criminal investigations.

Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said Sunday an investigation would be launched into the incident.

The Interior Ministry said the government is suspending an Afghan police general who helped the US-led forces carry out the raid.

Hundreds of civilians have lost their lives in the US-led airstrikes and ground operations in various parts of Afghanistan over the past few months, with Afghans becoming more outraged over the seemingly endless number of deadly assaults.

Last Sunday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s office called on the US to pay more attention to the protection of civilian lives during military operations.

The decade-long US-led war in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians — with 2010 becoming the deadliest year for civilians since the invasion of the country in 2001.

The growing casualty rate of Afghan civilians and foreign troops in Afghanistan this year has caused public opinion in the United States and other countries to increasingly turn against the US-led war.

Some 150,000 US-led NATO troops are currently stationed in Afghanistan.

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