Kidnapping increases in Syria, three cases daily in some provinces


Official governmental statistics revealed that the number of citizens kidnapped in some provinces which are registered by the authorities has reached three cases in some provinces like Deir al-Zour and Aleppo and its countryside in addition to Damascus countryside, pointing out to the fact that most kidnapping cases took place in rural areas especially Aleppo countryside.
The statistics showed that the number of kidnapping cases in Damascus and its countryside reached 150 registered cases, pointing out that Terrorism Court investigates in many of these cases, clarifying that 1500 kidnapping case took place in Aleppo in the past months, while non-official numbers say that there are about 3000 kidnapped in the countryside of the province.
The numbers showed that 60 cases were registered in Daraa as well as 220 cases in Homs pointing out to the fact that these numbers clearly shows that there are gangs committing the crime of kidnapping systematically.
The first criminal judge of Damascus Majed al-Ayoubi said that kidnapping cases have increased recently because of the current crisis, which caused a strange phenomenon pointing out that the kidnapping phenomenon is undermining the social and security stability in the Syrian society.
Al-Ayoubi said in a statement to Al-Watan newspaper that: “the penalty may reach death sentence if the kidnapping cased people’s death or disabilities or if sexual offensive took place, considering that the effect of the decree reflected positively on the public to work on returning the prevailing social relationships and values, and that the decree came in the right time as an important treat to this phenomenon.

Source: Breaking News Agency

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