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Kurdish clerics : Unity is the most important weapon against plots

n00162385-bSome Islamic clerics of Kurdistan Province slammed the recent crisis in Iraq which left over a hundred and twenty thousand dead, urging Muslims worldwide to get united against the Takfiri and extremist groups.

In this regard, Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Bijar, Mamousta Marouf Khaled in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) condemned the wanton cruelty in Iraq stating that the only weapon against these Takfiri moves is Islamic Ummah Unity.

Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Bijar underlined extremism is not accepted in Islam, which of its nature, is the religion of Kindness and tender.

“Unfortunately the measures perpetrated by Wahhabis and Salafis pervade much of Middle East and Iraqi people due to inside dispersion cannot get well united agasint the enemies,” said the religious cleric.

In his line, West perturbed and daunted by Muslims’ progress in various areas of religion, culture, politics, society and economy and through inflammatory measures try to antagonize Muslims, tarnishing their unity and brotherhood.

Mamousta Marouf Khaled called on Iraqi Muslims not spar with each other over minute issues and conserve unity and rapprochement in the present situation.

In line with Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Bijar, Mamousta Mostafa Shirzadi, Friday Prayer leader of Marivan and Mamousta Amin Rasti, Friday Prayer Leader of Sanandaj and Mamousta Seyyed Mohammad Saeid Hoseini each in seperate interview with TNA underscored that Muslims should make a move against the extremist group of DAESH.

The so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) wage the standing war to fulfill the aim of dispersion among Muslim countries,” said Mamousta Shirzadi.

Friday Prayer leader of Marivan beckoned to the interference of US and its allies in the present standing plagued situation and underscored these countries want to plunder the resources of Islamic countries and it is incumbent upon all Muslims to foil such plot.

“The arrogant World by supporting the extremist groups want to lead Muslims to cross sword against each other so as to provide the ground work for exploiting the situation,” said the religious cleric.

Friday Prayer leader of Marivan urged Muslims to be vigilant and take the cognizance of unity which is the prime important weapon against the machinations hatched by enemies.

The religious cleric earlier mentioned that Muslims should have sagacity and be logical in any decision they want to make.

The religious scholars blasted any measures lead to ostracizing people due to their beliefs and credos and underscored those perpetrate any measures leading to showdown among Muslims “have no aim just increasing dispersion,” underscored Mamousta Amin Rasti.

An obstinate refusal to face facts that their showdown lag them behind; Given that, the religious cleric all urged Muslims to keep their unity and rapprochement.

“Muslims should take urgent steps to subdue extremist groups in committing such desecration moves,” said Mamousta Mostafa Shirzadi.

Friday Prayer leader of Marivan beckoned to this line that the Arrogant World want Muslims to stay on the sideline, and through dispersion and division, they aims at Muslims resources so as to plunder them.

To fulfill their willful aims, their lap dogs under some vacuous explanation, egg on their followers to perpetrate various crimes in Muslim countries.

Iranian religious clerics many times pointed to assertions that Muslims without unity cannot make a move. To them, West cannot grind down Iraqis’ hope and courage to fight.

Islamic clerics of Kurdistan, touching the area, always urge Muslims not be persnickety about minute issues, so as to get united against their common enemies.

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