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Kurdish Peshmerga forces retake control of Rabia


Kurdish Peshmerga forces have regained control of the border town of Rabia, in northern Iraq.

A Peshmerga spokesman confirmed on Tuesday that the fighters had retaken the vital border crossing northwest of Mosul.

The border town had been captured by the militants over the summer.

The Kurdish Peshmerga forces experienced their toughest skirmishes yet in their fight against the ISIL terrorists; they, however, managed to emerge victorious and recapture the lost territory of Rabia.

According to reports, the fighting in the area involved house-to-house combat.

The Syrian Kurdish fighters reportedly helped the Peshmerga forces.

The Peshmerga fighters entered Rabia after liberating the villages of as-Saudiyah and Mahmudiyah.

Besides Rabia, Kurdish Peshmerga forces carried out military operations against ISIL militants on two other fronts in northern Iraq on Tuesday, military sources said.

Kurdish forces managed to liberate the villages around the town of Daquq, south of the key oil city of Kirkuk.

In recent weeks, the Takfiri ISIL militants have suffered severe losses as the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces go ahead with their offensive against the terrorists in several parts of the Arab country.

Reports also say that the Takfiri terrorists have come within two kilometers of the major Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobani to the Kurds.

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