Larijani believes ‘sanctions scenario’ as ‘no outcome for West’

Larijani believes ‘sanctions scenario’ as ‘no outcome for West’

Iran’s speaker of the Parliament has said West’s sanction scenario to stop Iran out of its path has brought nothing to them.

Ali Larijani was quoted by Mehr News parliament correspondent speaking before the open session of the Parliament. “The Westerners waged attempts to persuade others that their military pressures and sanctions had stopped Iran out of its true path, but the scenario was no use for them,” he added.

He also offered congratulations to parliamentarians and the nation on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and paid homage to the blessed souls of the martyrs of the Revolution. “35 years passed the Revolution. Imam Khomeini (RA) mobilized the great collective spirit of the Iranians and created the sweeping movement that ended the rule of dictator affiliated with hegemonic powers. The movement even shook the foundation of other despotic rulers’ power,” Larijani added.

“As Imam had said, the US is the Great Satan (devil), and in his many writings and will, Imam emphasized upon fighting the Domination to save the Islamic Ummah,” said the speaker, and that “the enemies work sometime to depict the dynamic forces of the Revolution as lethargic and frustrated, and who reassess its past. But it failed in such a propagandist agenda.”

“Since on the Western world, the western man lives in a wasteland of sterilized wilderness in a suspended mood, retreated to his silence. On the other hand, dynamism and hard-working mobility of the Muslims in Iran and other countries such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria would prove the legitimacy of our Revolutionary school,” believed Larijani.

“Some other times, they waged attempts to persuade the other countries that they had driven Iran out of its true path, but this scenario brought nothing to them as well,” said the speaker of the Parliament.“ Iran turned 8 years of war into the most effective defensive staff training enterprise, without which the country would not achieve such levels of national power,” Larijani told the parliament.

Larijani went on to say that in some other occasions the west helped some overtures in Iran’s economy. “I would say to them if your psychological disorders are alleviated by such projections, we let you to stay in the hangover, but had you better know that your fellow government officials visited Iran and admitted to see no trace of sanction impacts. They would tell their domestic press that Iran was full of customers from the west as if we were visiting Geneva. This is your officials’ remarks,” Larijani went on the fit of paroxysm.

He also believed that this evidence was indicative of the fact that the West was not concerned with addressing Iran’s nuclear issue, but was to snatch the legitimacy, which “Iran would not allow to get some either in diplomacy or propagandist agenda.”

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