Latest battle update from Deir Ezzor: map


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have made several advances in the past 24 hours in the Deir Ezzor Governorate, leaving the Islamic State (ISIL) terror organization with their backs against the wall along the Euphrates River Valley.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces and Republican Guard, the Syrian Arab Army scored an important advance south of the Deir Ezzor Military Airport last night, liberating the 1082 Air Defense Base while also entering the strategic town of Al-Muri’iyah.

The Syrian Arab Army would then liberate Kroum Hill and the southeastern peak of the Thardeh Mountains, securing this entire mountain chain that overlooks the Deir Ezzor Military Airport’s western perimeter.

With ISIL tied down around the military airport, the Syrian Army took the opportunity to finally clear the Al-Baghiliyah District; this plan would come to fruition as their forces liberated the area after a short battle today.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Euphrates, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces managed to capture the imperative Al-Husseiniyeh District.

Al-Husseiniyeh was one of the Islamic State’s main supply hubs that was used to transport provisions to their militants fighting the Syrian Army in the western districts of Deir Ezzor City.

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