Latest battlefield map of northeast Aleppo



The race to Al-Bab is underway in northeast Aleppo, as both the Turkish-backed rebels and US-backed rebels attempt to reach this Islamic State stronghold.

Despite both rebel forces being less than 12 kilometers from Al-Bab’s gates, they will not coordinate a joint assault against the Islamic State.

In fact, the Turkish Army’s presence in northern Aleppo has more to do with obstructing the connection of the two Rojava pockets than defeating ISIS in Syria.

Turkey has already made it clear that they view the Kurdish-led forces as terrorist and they have issued several threats to both the SDF and People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northeast Aleppo.

Unwilling to back down, the SDF and YPG have begun their own operation to liberate Al-Bab, capturing several villages near the aforementioned city.

Over the next few days, the opposing rebel factions will most likely intensify their attacks in Al-Bab’s outskirts, as they vie for control of this strategic city in northeast Aleppo.

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