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Latest map of northwestern Hama battle

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) scored a major advance in northwestern Syria on Thursday, seizing at least six towns from the jihadist rebel forces.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began the day by seizing the key town of Qal’at Al-Madiq, which had long been under the control of the jihadist rebels and Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The Tiger Forces inside of Qal’at Al-Madiq after the jihadist withdrawal.Credit: Tiger Forces

The jihadist defenses collapsed at Qal’at Al-Madiq after Russian jets peppered their supply lines with nonstop airstrikes, forcing most of the militants to begin abandoning the town before the Syrian Army’s assault.

In addition to losing Qal’at Al-Madiq, the jihadist rebels also conceded the towns of Al-Tuwanah, Tal Hawash, Kurkat, Jubb Suleiman, and Shari’ah to the Syrian Arab Army before the noon on Thursday.

Since these losses, the jihadist rebels have remained quiet in the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate; they have not attempted to retake any areas from the Syrian Army.

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