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23 :51
Semi-confirmed: The dictator will step down, his family fled the country secretly
23 :22
21 :56
Thousands of protestors burn down the dictator’s pictures in his home town of Monofyya
21 :49
Eyewitnesses: Military fire trucks began to put down fires in Central Cairo
21 :41
al Jazeera: Thousands of Egyptian youth form human shields to protect the Egyptian Museum
21 :37
Egyptian opposition figures urge MB to form units to gaurd public properties
21 :31
Where is the dictator Mubarak? Gov’t’s silence raises speculations of who is really in charge
21 :24
Youth activists call for the formation of Popular Councils to gaurd properties and restrain gov’t thugs
21 :20
MB sources confirm: Falling regime unleashes thugs and undercover agents to destroy public properties
21 :01
Aljazeera: disturbing reports of chaos and destruction of businesses and gov’t buildings
20 :57
Medical sources: more than 870 injured and 5 killed in Friday’s clashes
20 :55
Underway: More than 100 thousands protestors in Mahla demanding regime change
20 :36
Egyptian army strengthens its grip on the capital and major cities
19 :57
Chaos prevailing? a bank robbed in Cairo and fire threatening the Egyptian Museum
19 :57
Chaos prevailing? a bank robbed in Cairo and fire threatening the Egyptian Museum
19 :54
Army tanks in the streets of Alexandria
19 :50
US in denial! Clinton still betting on Mubarak to reform instead of stepping down
19 :48
Gov’t forces still resisting in Sharqyya, firing large number of teargas bombs
19 :45
Army armoured vechicles heading towards Radio and TV building in downtown Cairo
19 :25
Two protestors martyred in Mansoura by police
19 :19
Unconfirmed reports of porestors storming the state owned TV and Radio buidling
19 :11
MB leaders brace for massive arrests among its ranks tonight
19 :07
MB confirms it’s not leading the demonstrations, only participating as part of Egyptian people
19 :05
Ikhwanweb still down in Egypt, staff are in direct contact with London’s office for Breaking News update
19 :01
Ikhwanweb editor: US should side with the people and learn from its mistakes during Iranian revolution
18 :56
Police thugs speading chaos in Kafr el Dwar, burning private properties
18 :53
Army tanks roaring over streets of Suez
18 :13
Egyptians greet army units with hugs on Cairo streets
17 :58
Let the Freedom rings! Egyptians begining to take control of their country
17 :55
Obama EXPOSED! American lies about freedom and democracy collapsed at the heels of Egyptians
17 :47
Mubarak imposes curfew in main cities beginign at 6:00 PM Egypt’s time
17 :43
Cairo: Police forces withdraw from Central Cairo
17 :25
Alexandria is FREE. Mubarak’s regime collapsed in Alexandria
17 :21
Confirmed: Alexandria is completely under the People’s control, police forces surrounded in football field
17 :12
Confirmed: Egyptian army moves towards central Cairo
17 :11
Confirmed: Several high-ranking police officers take off uniforms and join protestors in Zaqaziqu
17 :09
Wikileaks releases more cables revealing police brutality and government;s oppression
17 :06
Syrian regime shuts down internet services
17 :05
Raml police station burned down by protestors in Alexandria, others to follow
16 :52
Thousands destroy Kafr el Dawar main police station, heading towards City Council’s buliding
16 :51
50 thousands in Mahla demand regime change, police cars burning in Suez
16 :49
Alexandria: Protestors storm the governorate’ s headquarters and occupy el Montaza main poice station
16 :41
El Baradie under house arrest
16 :39
Security forces attack protestors viciously, several killed and injured on the streets
16 :19
Ikhwanweb is down since yesterday, site partially updated from outside Egypt

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