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Latest News until 12pm from Egypt source Ikhwanweb

Latest News until 12pm(14L) from Egypt source Ikhwanweb

14 :00
Unconfirmed: Army Chief of Staff, General Sami Anan, leading revolt within army ranks to remove the dictator New
13 :57
38 killed and more than 2000 injured across Egypt since yesterday only New
13 :54
Ruling party headqaurters in Luxur destroyed, army tanks rolling into the streets New
13 :49
Al Jazeera confirms: Disagreements among Army leaders on handling the crisis New
13 :37
Citizens arrest several police thugs and agents engaged in widspread looting, hand them over to the Army New
13 :34
Al Jazeera: Saudi King supports the dictator, and criticize protestors
13 :31
Number of army officers in Tahrir Sqaure join protestors carrying Egyptian flag
13 :22
Protestors in Tahrir Sqaure reache 50 thousands, chanting for the dictator to step down
13 :13
Massive protests in Monofyya, dictator’s hometown, demanding his resignation
13 :04
13 protestors killed today in Ma’adi Gardens, Cairo
12 :54
Ikhwanweb still down in Egypt, staff are in direct contact with London’s office for Breaking News update
12 :52
Widspread looting by police thugs and undercover agents in Cairo
12 :49
After canceling exams, thousands of students join protestors in Alexandria and Ismalia
12 :46
More than 10000 in Tahrir Sqaure demanding the dictator to step down
12 :41
al Horra TV: Rift between the dictator and army leaders on managing the crisis
12 :36
Textile workers in Suez announced indefinite strike till the dictator steps down
12 :33
500 thousands protest across Alexandria, more than 20 killed
02 :26
MB rejects dictator’s speech, vows to continue supporing demonstrations till regime change

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