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Lawmaker urges Iran to counter UAE plot

Senior lawmaker Avaz Heidarpour has called for countermeasures against efforts by the United Arab Emirates to obtain intelligence from Iranian nationals.

“The [Iranian] Foreign Ministry and security agencies should react to the UAE government’s exploiting of Iranian nationals to gather intelligence [from them],” Heidarpour, who is a member of the Majlis National Security Committee, was quoted by Fars News Agency as saying on Sunday.

“Exploiting Iranian nationals to gather intelligence is an impudent and ugly move, and the [Iranian] Foreign Ministry and security apparatus will definitely react to such a move,” the lawmaker added.

He said such a move by the UAE could tarnish its reputation in the eyes of the Iranian officials and people.

“If the UAE makes such a rude move, Iranian security agencies will react and undoubtedly travel to this country will be widely controlled because if part of the intelligence falls into the hands of the Emiratis, the same intelligence could be passed on to other countries and create security problems in the country (Iran),” Heidarpour said.

The UAE intelligence apparatus had tried to obtain intelligence from Iranian nationals by offering them money and special travel cards in exchange for information.

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