Le Figaro: 64% of French People Oppose Military intervention in Syria

Second working meeting of G20 Summit

Being isolated on the international scene and challenged by the opposition, the French President François Hollande is now abandoned by his people.

Almost 64% of the French people say they oppose the military intervention in Syria, according to a poll results, published by the French daily Le Figaro on Friday.

Moreover, 68% of the French respondents oppose the participation of France in case of “international military intervention.”

Conducted in September, the survey demonstrates a collapse of support for Hollande’s projects. From February 2012 till August 2013, the percentage of French people who are against the intervention was ranging between 49% and 41%.

That will not simplify the task of Hollande in moving on with his decision regarding Syria, as his isolation grew up following his stance of the Syrian issue.

However, the latest developments of the Syrian file have changed the game rule. France is left standing alone in first line following the United Kingdom’s refusal to participate in a “punitive” operation against the Syrian government and after Barack Obama’s decision to consult with the Congress before making any step.

“Francois Hollande insulated side of the United States, as shown by the course of the G20 summit in Saint Petersburg,” according to the Le Figaro.

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