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Leader: Gov’t to Confront Anyone Endangering Public Security


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei said here Friday that the government will confront anybody stirring public insecurity.

“The mottos of (Iran’s Islamic) Revolution and of the late Imam Khomeini will never be outdated; rather, they will remain for ever attractive and new for the public. Those individuals trying to question people’s principles and security will be confronted by the system,” said Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Imam Ali Khamenei in his second Friday prayers sermon in Tehran University campus.

Imam Khamenei said people will hopefully have strong presence in the upcoming elections, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

“You will see that these people will have powerful presence in the future elections despite the enemy and ignorant persons’ plots,” Imam Khamenei noted.

He then hoped that his advices in this week’s Friday prayers will be helpful for all the adherents of political wings, officials and former personalities.

Yet in his first sermon, the Supreme Leader warned against separation of religion from politics.

“Among menaces of separation of religion from politics is when politics is separated from religion, it is (in fact) separated from ethics,” said Ayatollah Khamenei.

The Supreme Leader said that politics mixed with ethics and spirituality will serve as a means for human perfection, otherwise, it will be a way for supremacy, accumulation of wealth and materialization of worldly private objectives at any cost – something harmful both for the policymaker and the people.

While advising the worshipers to practice piety, Imam Khamenei called the auspicious month of Ramadan “the month of piety”.

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