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Leader: Iran’s enemies on decline

The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Opressed People says the enemies of the Iranian nation are on the decline while Iran is on its way up.

“Despite all enemy plots, this nation has been moving ahead over the past 32 years, and with faith in God and self-determination, will continue to steam ahead on this glorious path.”, said Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a friendly three-hour meeting with thousands of university students in Tehran on Sunday.

He also touched upon the brain drain from the country, saying it usually takes place because of the promises made overseas.

“Some of these promises are tainted with anti-Iran motives,” added the Leader.

Imam Khamenei underlined religious and divine motives can make expatriate elite return as some of them have actually returned to serve their country.

The Leader further laid emphasis on unity and spiritual purity in the society, and added,”The society won’t be purified by pressure and radical moves.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Imam Khamenei highlighted the importance of ‘cultural products’, adding the necessary infrastructure should be established to that end.

The Leader continued by highlighting that the presence of university students in popular and student circles abroad can play a key role in ‘exporting pure thoughts and messages of the Revolution.’

The Leader further said universities are the target of enemy plots, so due regard should be paid to the issue of ‘discipline’ in universities. Nevertheless, Imam Khamenei underlined that ‘going to extremes’ is not the right way to deal with any issue, including disciplinary matters.

The Leader then stressed the need for ‘freedom of thought’ in universities, and said debates should be held there over various issues.

Imam Khamenei urged students to distance themselves from political wrangling in the country, adding differences of opinion should not lead to divisions and friction.

The Leader then urged students to ‘analyze and adopt a stance on’ key issues facing the country, including the Tehran Declaration, the UN Security Council resolution on Iran sanctions and Washington’s unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

Imam Khamenei further underlined that he expresses his views in a straightforward manner as ‘it is not right for the Leader to have stances which are not frank and straightforward.’

The Leader then emphasized the need to follow up on the attack on Tehran University premises during the 2009 post-election unrest, and added the case has not been followed up seriously enough. He said one reason why little progress has been made with the issue is that certain institutions have not had enough motivation to cooperate in that regard, adding the issue should be followed up.

On remarks by one of the students who had criticized some of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s colleagues, the Leader said, “I make no judgment about that.”

He said the criticism may be fair and valid, “But … care should be taken not to put second-rate issues before major ones.”

Before the Leader’s speech, representatives of different student groups shared with Imam Khamenei their views on key scientific, academic, cultural, social, political and economic issues.

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