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Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed S.Khamanei says Sacred Defense lessons to be learned


Ayatollah Khamenei, who was speaking on Wednesday to commanders, said that 8 years of the Imposed War showed that it was possible to stand against the ‘bully and excessive demands of the hegemonic powers’ through ‘a strong resolve and relying upon God,’ despite ‘all pressures, restrictions, and lack of resources.’

The Leader attached importance to the Sacred Defense, believing that it was an issue of many facets. “Memories and realities manifest in the Sacred Defense in them are a living culture and a fount, which if accurately evaluated and understood, would be source of bounty for the nation and country in the future,” he asserted.

“The War brought the unprecedented unity of East and West and their vassal states against the Islamic Republic; they sought weakening and gradual discrediting of the Islamic System and plunging the country into multiplicity of problems, which (they thought) would bring the system to an ultimate fall,” said the Leader, “however, the Islamic System stood against the front, and came triumphant through thick and thin.”

“Our resistance improved the belief of many influential figures and intellectuals in Islamic and non-Islamic countries on the fact that a defense was possible with empty hands,” said the Leader. “Despite material as well as spiritual damage the war wrought on the country, the gains are huge in comparison,” he emphasized.

Ayatollah Khamenei recommended the commanders to pen down their memoirs of the Sacred Defense. “The present body of works published since the end of the war is valuable,” the leader said.

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