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Leader of Islamic Ummah S. Khamanei slams Western version of woman rights as flawed

Leader slams Western version of woman rights as flawed

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has dismissed Western view of female status and their approach to women’s issues as profoundly flawed and repressive.
Addressing hundreds of Iranian women on Saturday on the merry occasion of birth anniversary of prophet of Islam’s daughter, Lady Fatima (PBUH), which is celebrated in Iran as Mother’s Day as well as Women’s Day, the Leader blamed the West’s materialistic worldview as the root cause of its “major deviation” with respect to women’s affairs.
Ayatollah Khamenei further stated that “westerners have, for a variety of reasons, misunderstood the issues of women,” but have succeeded through their propaganda machine to promote their “misguided and flawed understanding” of women throughout the world while exercising a total lack of tolerance for any differing viewpoints and voices on the matter.
The Leader also slammed the West for its exploitation and instrumental use of women in economic issues, and its persisting practice of humiliating women by depicting them as means of satiating men’s carnal desires.
Ayatollah Khamenei further blasted Western claims and boasting about “gender equality between men and women,” emphasizing that “Equality does not always correspond to justice; justice is always right, but equality is sometimes legitimate and at times illegitimate.”
The Leader also criticized theoretical foundation of many international conventions, noting that Western insistence on maintaining such flawed foundations is the root cause of corruption among the human society.
The Leader then emphasized that the most significant issue for women is the sense of security and peace of mind that they desire within their families, underlining that any obstacles that deprive women of their sense of security should be identified and removed.

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