Leader Slams Saudi Inefficiency: Iran’s Response to Be ’Firm, Severe’


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia’s situation ‘will not be good’ if Iran reacts to Saudis’ mistreatment.

During a graduation ceremony of Army cadets in Nowshahr in Mazandaran Province, Ayatollah Khamenei touched upon the tragic incident of Mina and the death of thousands of people in stampede during Hajj rituals.

“Ignorance of the time turned our Festive Day into grief by Mina deadly tragedy. May God accept these sacrifices and devotions from Muslim nations,” asserted the Leader.

“Using advanced military equipment, they bombard Yemeni people, yet they fail to act when humanity demands and show their courage only when facing the defenseless people,” Grand Ayatollah stated.

“Saudi officials fail to do their duties and act against their responsibilities and show slyness in some cases; if Iran wants to react, Saudi Arabia’s conditions will not be good. In case of reaction, our response will be firm and severe,” emphasized the Leader.

His eminence also reiterated the necessity to open an investigation on Mina incident in which the Islamic Republic and the Muslim world countries take part.

Moreover, Ayatollah Khamenei told the graduating cadet that “preparation would not necessary mean securing victory vis-à-vis the enemy; rather, it encompasses securing the country from the enemies’ malevolence; when prepared, your strength and spiritual majesty dishearten the enemy in its resolve to attack your country.” “Without faith, armed forces would fall into the disrepute,” the Leader said.

He concluded that no enemy would ever dare take any sinister action if it sees army of the Islamic Republic ready and well equipped.

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