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Leader urges knowledge-based production

Receiving thousands of workers of the country on the occasion of worker week, Islamic Revolution Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday science as well as knowledge-based production are the main foundations of progress.

Pointing to dazzling progress and human, scientific and natural capabilities of the country, Imam Ali Khamenei said compensation of the country’s historical backwardness needs double work and speedy move to materialize the high potentialities of the country. “It will not be materialized just through words but it needs work and creativity,” Imam Ali Khamenei added.

The Islamic Revolution Leader said materialism sees worker as a mere tool but Islam considers worker as the one who struggles in the path of God and considers divine award for his/ her work and efforts.

Referring to enemies’ plots to misuse labor union as a political pressure against the Islamic system in past thirty years, Imam Ali Khamenei said the country’s workers have foiled the plot.

The Islamic Revolution Leader said that close relations between workers and the system is originated from divine belief. The system will increase production with the help of workers and producers so that ill-wishers will not able to block it.

“Material progress of the country is based on science and production,” Imam Ali Khamenei said adding that science and knowledge-based production was ignored during Pahlavi’s era and for compensation of the backwardness, we should focus on science and production.

Imam Ali Khamenei urged for doubling of the country’s scientific progress, adding “we are at the beginning of the way.”

Pointing to knowledge-based production in industrial and agricultural fields, the IR Leader said the goal will be achieved by laborer and employer and the process should be managed by the government.

Imam Ali Khamenei spoke of policies mentioned in the Article 44 of the Constitution as important, yet warned against infiltration of men of law who were habituated to flouting the law.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed to employer-employee relation in Islam as based on cooperation and urged those in charge to act in the same manner.

Imam Ali Khamenei said from Islamic perspective, unlike socialism that rejects the entrepreneur or capitalism that embraces it as having limitless power, there was a balance in respecting the two elements of worker and entrepreneur equally.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution asserted that the country had developed remarkably since the 1979 revolution yet much had left to do.

He continued that high resolve meant striving for ultimate goals and that no goal could be achieved through mere speaking and praising but required real effort and ingenuity.

Imam Ali Khamenei drew a comparison between the Iranian nation and a young man endowed with myriads of capabilities adding that through hard work he could reach lofty goals and become a hero.

Imam Ali Khamenei said by making the second and third generation of centrifuges only a portion of the nation’s abilities had been revealed and shocked the entire nuclear world.

The leader of Islamic Revolution pointed to Iranian scientific development in stem cells and aerospace technology and said Iran is one of the few countries having such technology, achieved amid sanctions and without assistance of others.

“These are however part of the abilities of the Iranian nation,” Imam Ali Khamenei said, adding that all capacities of the country must be utilized through double resolve.

Imam Ali Khamenei said the arrogance could not tolerate the advances of the Iranian nation, adding that the Iranian progress is against the order set by the arrogant powers, however they fail to achieve anything by their deployment as they have ever failed to.

The IR Leader said the Iranian nation enjoys the support of divine blessings and its belief as well as good practice based on the belief. “The Almighty God has promised that the fruit of faith and god practice is victory and dignity in this world and salvation in the other world,” the IR Leader said.

The IR Leader said the true progress of the country was dependent on the path of faith and good practice. Imam Ali Khamenei appreciated Imam Khomeini for guiding the nation towards the path and waking up the people through his faith.

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