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Leader: Zionism is an obvious plague for the world of Islam which should be exposed

Prior to the Iranian Hajj pilgrims starting their journey to perform the 2022 Hajj pilgrimage, Imam Khamenei met with the country's officials in charge of conducting Hajj in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. The following are some of the main points he stated during this meeting:

  • This was great news that after 2 years, God reopened the door for Hajj. This is a divine invitation opening the way to the Hajj pilgrims. This is not a favor from anyone; it is God’s acceptance of the respected pilgrims’ and your enthusiasm. God willing, you will have a good Hajj.
  • What are mankind’s problems in the world now? That they don’t know how to coexist, and they act aggressively toward each other. Hajj teaches coexistence. In Hajj people who don’t know each other and who are coming from different cultures coexist in peace.
  • Much of the world’s miseries and problems are the result of aristocratic lifestyles and luxurious living. A great part of the world’s wealth is being spent on such things everywhere. Hajj teaches you to have a simple lifestyle.
  • Today, Zionism is an obvious plague for the world of Islam. The Zionists have always been a plague, even before establishing the fraudulent Zionist regime. Even then, Zionist capitalists were a plague for the whole world. Now they’re a plague especially for the world of Islam.
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