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Lebanese Army Arrests 9 Bandits Blocking Jal Al-Dib Highway with Oil, Broken Glass

The Lebanese army announced in a statement that units arrested Monday nine bandits, who were blocking Jal Al-Dib highway with oil and broken glass, and four of others, including a Syrian, involved in acts of riot in Al-Zouk area.

It is worth noting that a tragic incident took place on the same day in Al-Jiyyeh area where bandits attacked a civilian car and caused it to crash and burn, which left two martyrs and one injured.

At dawn Monday, Mr. Hussein Shalhoub was heading from the southern town of Tairflseih to Beirut with his family when bandits threw stones at his car which he lost control of. The car then hit a utility pole on the roadside and caught fire.

The man and the woman were burned to death in their car. The man’s daughter survived miraculously from the fire. She was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital in Jiyyeh.

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