Lebanese Army Arrests One National and Two Syrians for Belonging to Terrorist Groups


A Lebanese army unit Tuesday arrested in Akkar’s Fnaideq citizens Mohammad Abdo Taleb, as well as Syrians Mohammad Abdul Halim Trad and Hussein Khaled Othman in Arsal, for belonging to terrorist organizations, and for involvement in battles against the Lebanese army in Arsal, a communiqué by the army indicated.

On November 5 and 6, the General Security apprehended two Lebanese for connections to terrorist groups, a communiqué by the General Security agency indicated on Tuesday.

In details, the first man was handed over to justice by his father. He admitted connection to Abdullah Azzam Brigades, and communication with its leader, terrorist Sirajeddine Zreiqat.

He has also formed, alongside the second arrested and others, a subversive terrorist cell tasked with observing the international highway and movements of the Lebanese army and security convoys.

Moreover, he possessed explosives which he used in booby-trapping oil tanks, and admitted prior knowledge of the explosion executed by a Syrian terrorist on October 5, in Chtaura.

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