Lebanese Army Ending Anti-ISIL Operation in Heights at Border with Syria


The Lebanese Army troops liberated the main part of the ISIL-held heights at border with Syria, a military source confirmed on Wednesday, adding that the government forces are on threshold of ending the Fajr (Dawn of) al-Jaroud operation after capturing the remaining 20sq/km of the heights from terrorists.

The source said that the army managed to impose control over 100sq/km area in ISIL-held heights after liberating Ra’as al-Kaf in Ra’as al-Ba’albak.

In the meantime, Major Ali Qansou, the politburo chief of the Lebanese Army, said that only 20sq/km area in Wadi Martabiya region is still under the occupation of ISIL, adding that Fajr al-Jaroud operation has materialized its objective of imposing full control over all heights at the country’s border with Syria.

Relevant reports said on Tuesday that the army managed to make fresh gains in the third phase of Fajr (Dawn of) al-Jaroud operation in the mountainous regions at the border with Syria, inflicting major losses on the ISIL terrorists.

The army soldiers pushed ISIL back from Ra’as al-Kaf region and Qarna Sha’aba al-Washal in Ra’as Ba’albak heights after hours of fierce clashes with terrorists.

The army’s artillery and missile units pounded the remaining positions of ISIL in Ra’as Ba’albak and al-Qa’a heights.

In the meantime, the Lebanese soldiers imposed control over al-Kahaf region, one of the most important bases of ISIL in border heights and advanced towards the remaining ISIL-held heights in Ra’as Ba’albak.

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