Lebanese Army, Security Services Deny Hariri Claims on Assassination Bid


Lebanese Army and other security services in the country denied Prime Minister Saad Hariri claims that there have been plans to assassinate him.

In a statement released by its Directorate of Orientation on Sunday, the Lebanese Army said: “Based on investigations, arrests and information there have been no plans to carry out assassination attacks in the country.”

Earlier on Saturday PM Hariri announced his resignation from Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, citing fears on his life. Just two hours after his announcement, Saudi-owned TV network Al-Arabiyah, reported that the Lebanese security services had foiled an assassination attempt on Hariri.

However, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF), denied such claims also on Saturday, saying it “had no information on this”.

On the other hand, al-Mayadin, a Lebanese news channel, quoted Major General Abbas Ibrahim, head of Lebanon’s General Security, as saying that he was not aware of any information about an assassination plot against political figures in Lebanon.

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