Lebanese court issues prison sentence to citizen for ‘communicating with Israeli agents’

The Military Court in Lebanon sentenced a citizen to three years imprisonment with hard labor for the offense of “communicating with Israeli agents and entering the country of the enemy.”

The court stated in a statement that “the president of the court, Brigadier General Munir Shehadeh, also decided to strip activist Kinda Al-Khatib of her civil rights after being convicted of the crime of communicating with Israeli agents and entering the enemy’s country and trying to provide them with security information.”

They added, “The judge also issued a ten-year sentence of hard labor in absentia against the Lebanese Charbel al-Hajj, who is in hiding, stripping him of his civil rights, and executing the arrest warrant issued against him.”

No further details were released regarding the charges.

Earlier this year, Khatib was arrested for suspicion of collaborating with I

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