Lebanese Sunni cleric hails Hezbollah over 2006 resistance


On the anniversary of the end of the 2006 Lebanon War, a prominent Lebanese Sunni cleric has congratulated Arab and Islamic nations on Lebanon’s victory over Israel.

In a statement released on the anniversary of the end of the 2006 Lebanon War, Shaykh Abdul-Nasir al-Jabri, the secretary-general of the Lebanese National Movement congratulated “the Arab and Islamic nations” on ninth anniversary of the victory over the Zionist enemy in the 33-day war “on [one of] the most beautiful epics of sacrifice and heroism [which was achieved by] the Islamic Resistance forces [Hezbollah] along with the people and the army.”

According to Rasa, he said that the Islamic Resistance’s success in Lebanon and Palestine has proven that the only choice is to resist and confront the Zionist enemy in order to recover our land and holy places.

Shaykh al-Jabri stressed that resistance and jihad is the only language that is understood by this enemy which is backed by the evil United States’ government.

The Lebanese Sunni scholar stated that these criminal Takfiri terrorist groups were created and are supported by the US and the Zionist regime in order to spread sedition, conflicts and discord within the Islamic world. He stated that the only way to eradicate them is through unity on all fronts.

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