Lebanese Sunni cleric slams Trump’s Iraq visit in ‘dead of night’


Prominent Lebanese cleric slammed the surprise visit made by the US President to Iraq saying that the move proves Trump viewing Iraqi government as valueless.

Sheikh Bilal Shaban, secretary general of Harakat al-Tawhid al-Islami in Lebanon rebuked the unannounced visit made by US President to al-Assad military base in Iraq stressing that the surprise visit stands for the fear of Donald Trump and also infuriating view he maintains on Iraqi government, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Donald Trump made the visit in fear and dead of the night” adding,” Not informing Iraqi political and security officials on the visa for the trip by US President proves that Washington maintains domineering view over the Arab country.”

The cleric noted,” The US does not recognize any of its allies keeping them merely for services or executing its policies.”

Sheikh Bilal Shaban noted,” Occupying American forces claim to have spent a sum of $700 million for establishing security and democracy in Iraq. If that is true then why did not the US President visit the country in its capital and in broad daylight?”

He added,” This translates to fear of the Americans on the one hand and the worthlessness of Iraqi government for Washington.”

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made the surprise visit on the eve of the New Year and in the wake of a new decision made by the president to pull out US forces from Syria.

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