Lebanon Friday prayer leaders warn against religious intrigues


Lebanon Friday prayer leaders stressed the strategy of dialogue and preventing sectarian and religious intrigues in Islamic societies.

Seyyed Ali Fadhl Allah, Friday prayer leader of Beirut in his weekly sermon praised the stances of Islamic Republic of Iran in Geneva 3 conference and noted,” Western countries recognized the right for Iran to enrich uranium and this is the beginning step for scientific and economic movement that will boost liberal policies of this country.”

He expressed hope that Geneva deal will open the way for regional agreements and stop the insecurity and religious clashes.

On entrance of the Arab and Islamic countries into a new stage Fadhl Allah welcomed any negotiation that creates a new horizon in the path of talks and said, “These negotiations can block the way for intriguing policies and Takfiri (excommunication) tendencies which are at the service of the Zionist regime.”

He also touched upon terrorist attacks and tensions in Islamic countries like Libya, Tunisia and Lebanon and added,” These terror attacks tarnish the image of Islam and provide the powers of the world with excuses to marginalize Islam in social, political and civil arenas.”

Seyyed Ali Fadhl Allah demanded all Muslims to protect their unity and solidarity in defending Islam and the issues of world Muslims and set the issue of Palestine on top of their agenda.

Allameh Sheikh Afif Nablosi, prayer leader of Sidon noted that the gap among Lebanese people to be due to increasing religious intrigues and said,” State institutions in Lebanon have turned into separate islands whose distance is increasing every day.”

Sheikh Ahmad Kabalan, grand Mufti of Jafaria Fiq’h called the people to constructive dialogues and asked them to reach an agreement among themselves so that the pressure on the Lebanese nation alleviates.

He also referred to the new atmosphere created following Geneva 3 deal on Iran’s nuclear programs and said,” We have to make the best of the new international ambiance for serving Lebanon and preventing sectarian and religious intrigues.”

Kabalan stressed,” Those who try to found the country based on the teachings of foreign countries have in fact left the future of the country within the hands of terrorists who shed the blood of civilians in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.”

Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan, Deputy of the Shia Supreme Council of Lebanon in his sermon slammed the policy of hatred and war against Islamic Republic of Iran and called regional countries, particularly the Persian Gulf states, to expand their cooperation rather than their warmongering policies against Iran.

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