Lebanon Mufti warns of issuing fatwas based on deviant beliefs


The Grand Mufti of Lebanon warned Muslim scholars against issuing fatwas based on deviant and extremist beliefs and practices.

Speaking at the International Fatwa Conference in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, Shaykh Abdul-Latif Daryan, Lebanon’s Grand Mufti, stated that by paying attention to religious scholars we can achieve security in Islamic society.

He called on scholars to be careful of doubts, deviation from the true path, the various desires of the youth and move toward moderation in life and avoid divisiveness in thought and action in order to achieve security.

Dar al-Iftaa, Egypt’s institution tasked with issuing religious opinions, kicked off the two-day conference on Monday to counter radical extremism. It was entitled “Fatwa: Current Reality and Future Prospects,” and involved the participation of 50 countries.

Shaykh Daryan appealed to Muslim scholars to issue fatwas based on moderation, stating that issuing fatwas involves important responsibilities and is a heavy burden which can involve serious dangers so scholars should be careful and precise.

Calling for reforms in the science of issuing fatwas, he called on scholars to hastily confront religious innovations which are incompatible with Islamic law and customs and only issue fatwas which advance Islamic goals.

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon stated that Islam is a religion of moderation and is against any form of deviation, excesses and extremism in belief and practice.

He continued, stressing that moderation is the most prominent characteristic of Islam. This religion is the real meaning of justice, goodness and endurance and stressed that Islam does not accommodate extremism or accusing innocent people of apostasy.

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