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Lebanon publishes book by Iran scholar

Lebanon has published a comprehensive book on the history of old religions written by Beirut-based Iranian Professor Raouf Subhani in Arabic.

The book provides useful information on the history and geographical distribution of old religions in Iran, Egypt, Iraq, India, China, Japan and Greece.

Subhani has described different religions in detail and in a simple language.

His thorough and eloquent descriptions about old Iranian religions have provided Arab scholars with a complete and comprehensive source on Zoroastrianism, Manicheism and Mithraism.

The writer discusses different religions in a chronological order and in four chapters.

The first chapter is about the religions in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome and idolatry among Arabs of Pre-Islamic era.

The second section of the book is dedicated to religions in India and discusses Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism.

Japanese and Chinese religions are the subject of the book’s third chapter which gives a full introduction to faiths such as Shinto, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

The final chapter introduces religions in ancient Persia including Zoroastrianism, Manicheism and Mithraism.
Professor Subhani’s book on the life and ideology of renowned Iranian philosopher and scholar Mir Damad was also published in Lebanon in December 2010.

The first book ever written on Mir Damad in Arabic, The Philosophical Thought of Mir Damad Asterabadi discusses Mir Damad’s profound and complex philosophical ideas, which according to Subhani made it one of the most challenging works ever done by the writer.

Professor Raouf Subhani is also working on another book analyzing Mir Damad’s poetry.

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