Lebanon Will Provide Iraq with Medical Services, Import Iraqi Oil in Return: Health Minister to Al-Manar

The caretaker health minister, Dr. Hamad Hasan, told Al-Manar TV Channel on Friday that Lebanon will provide Iraq with medical services and import the Iraqi oil in return.

Dr. Hasan added that the Iraqi health minister, Dr. Hasan Tamimi, will visit Lebanon on Wednesday in order to sign the agreement according to which Lebanese medical and academic cadres will contribute to sustain the medical sector in Iraq which would provide Lebanon with oil in return.

Dr. Hasan denied the rumors that a third wave of coronavirus infections would hit Lebanon, stressing that the vaccination program will continue as the number of import vaccines would increase gradually.

Lebanon is facing several socioeconomic and medical crises simultaneously; thus, such an agreement would help it obtain sources of energy without paying huge amounts dollars amid an unprecedented inflation.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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