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Legendary Martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yassin’s lesson is echoed by young Palestinians

America congratulates a Zionist criminal - Sharon - on assassinating Ahmed Yasin or Martyr Rantisi. What is their reason for this congratulation?

They say that the Israeli government is defending itself. Well! Do global dictators have any other reason for suppressing, torturing and assassinating their opponents? All sinister and vicious political figures in the world – who are notorious for their malevolence and dictatorship – have destroyed their opponents with the same reason. They say that they are defending their existence. America says, “Israel is defending its existence and entity”. Could Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, a disabled old man in a wheelchair, do anything other than talking and thinking?

You say that you support freedom of expression and thought. They assassinate him and America congratulates them! Notice what the extent of their shamelessness is. Did the world accept this? No, not at all. Even westerners themselves and public opinion throughout the world did not accept it. This means losing political legitimacy. It means that they are not reasonable at all and that what they say is not accepted by fair-minded people in the world.

May 1, 2004


“I was informed that the hands of the occupying Zionist regime have committed the abominable crime of shedding the blood of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.”
“Certainly, martyrdom was what this pious man aspired but this cannot play down the gravity of the crime the criminal Zionist occupiers committed. The blood of Ahmed Yassin will feed the Islamic resistance and will further flare up the wrath of the Palestinians.
“The spirit of Sheikh Yassin is alive and his thoughts will be a source of the inspiration for Palestinian youth. The occupying criminals should know that their idiotic showdown is the greatest sign of their failure and weakness. The Zionist regime is doomed to failure.” He added.

Mar 23, 2004

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