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Maduro slams ‘psychological war’ against Venezuela


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused forces in the United States, Colombia, and Spain of waging an international “psychological war campaign” against his country, a media report says.

Maduro said the new operation adds to recent “aggression” from the US and aims to “generate fear and anguish” among the Venezuelan people, China’s official state news agency, Xinhua, reported on Wednesday.

“They want to promote rumors to make the people forget about the imperial attacks against our homeland and once again deepen the economic war by stimulating hoarding, shortages and smuggling of basic products,” he said.

The campaign is being coordinated from the Colombian capital city of Bogota and the US city of Miami by Venezuelan fugitive right-wing political adviser, Juan Jose Rendon, Maduro added.

Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez

He also accused former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez of coordinating the program from Madrid.

“Now they’ve got Felipe Gonzalez, who has just signed on openly – bringing in a great big salary in euros – to the campaign against Venezuela, to support a coup in Venezuela, the coup against me,” the Venezuelan president said.

Earlier this week, reports said Gonzalez, a lawyer by training, would represent a number of imprisoned members of the Venezuelan opposition.

This comes shortly after US President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials for allegedly violating the human rights of opposition figures, and called the country a national security threat.

Under Obama’s order, the US property and bank accounts of the Venezuelan officials, including former national guard chief Antonio Benavides, intelligence chief Gustavo Gonzales, and national police chief Manuel Perez, will be frozen and they will be denied US visas.

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