Majority of Iranians say Israel’s adventurism must be seriously dealt with, says poll

The majority of Iranians consider Israel to be a threat and say any possible adventurism by the occupying regime must be “seriously” dealt with, according to a national opinion poll.

The findings of the national survey were published on Saturday as the Israeli regime continues its destabilizing acts in the region with unwavering support from the United States. The survey used data collected from 1106 participants using PASS software.

Descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used to analyze the data from the sample population, who were 61% men and 39%  women aged between 18 and 75. Forty-seven percent of the participants were classified as young, 42% middle-aged and 11% older adults.

The national poll sought to assess the approach and level of support by the Iranian people for a response to a possible Israeli military action, raising such issues as the extent to which people follow the news related to the conflicts between Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), the extent to which Iranians consider the Israeli regime to be a threat, popular acceptance of the response to threats by the Israeli regime, satisfaction with current trends in countering the threats of the Israeli regime and popular reaction in case of possible military action by the Israeli regime.

“The survey demonstrated that 83% of people follow the news on the Israeli regime conflicts with the IRI. Of the 83% following the news, 32% follow it on a regular basis, 56% follow the news based on its importance, and 12% follow it occasionally. Also, 49% of people following the news on Israel believe that the domestic challenges of the Israeli regime affect its political and security instability, and 78% of the 49% believe that these challenges will lead to an implosion in Israel,” the poll showed.

On the threat issue, the survey findings said 67% of Iranians consider the Israeli regime to be a threat to Iran. Of those who see Israel as a threat, 56% believe that the threats and terrorist actions of the regime against Iran are against the identity, ideals, and political, cultural, national, and religious values of the Iranian people, and 81% see these measures as paving the way for Iranophobia.

The survey showed that 73% of Iranians consider the Israeli regime’s anti-Iranian acts of terrorism and sabotage as an encouragement for imposing further sanctions on the country, thus affecting their livelihoods. Also, 69% of participants in the survey consider any military action by the Israeli regime and reciprocation by the IRI as laying the ground for more economic challenges. Of those, 48% consider the challenges as a breeding ground for an economic crisis, while 41% see it as an ordinary challenge that will not lead to an economic crisis.

In the survey, 61% of respondents consider the Israeli regime to be a supporter and instigator of Takfiri terrorist groups against the Islamic Republic of Iran and a threat that must be repelled as soon as possible.

Also in the survey, 74% of the respondents do not consider the response of the IRI to the actions of the Israeli regime, such as the assassination of military commanders and scientists, as well as sabotage against the country’s nuclear and public infrastructure, to be appropriate.

Of the participants in the survey, 79% were in favor of a military confrontation by the IRI with the military threats and possible destructive terrorist acts of the Israeli regime. Of the 79%, 39% are demanding a stronger response and 31% of the 79% consider the situation as an opportunity to destroy the Israeli regime.

Of the participants in the survey, 73% believe that the IRI has the ability to respond to the threats of the Israeli regime against itself.

According to the survey, 63% of the people in the country agree with representing the literature related to the terrorist threats of the Israeli regime against the IRI in school and higher education textbooks. Of those, 53% believe that little work has been done in this respect so far.

On the subject of popular reaction in the event of possible Israeli military action, 63% of participants declared that they will participate in this. Of those, 39% declared that the nature of their participation will be political (ranging from marches to political, media, and social media campaigns). Of the 63%, 23% declared that the nature of their participation will be financial support, and 27% said their participation was conditional on requirements, and 11% declared their readiness for combat.

The results of the survey indicate that the majority of Iranians, while understanding the threats, will welcome dealing with them if the Israeli regime decides to take risks against the IRI. They even want a tougher approach in this respect. Most people will also respond actively considering their capabilities.

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