Maliki warns of ‘Sectarian and Takfirisit Fatwas” Threatening Iraq, Region

maliki_1Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned on Saturday of the dangers of sectarian and takfirist fatwas that threaten Iraq and the region, calling on Iraqis to stand united in order to protect the country.

During a central ceremony in Baghdad to celebrate the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council, Maliki said that “the most dangerous thing we face is the return of sectarian mobilization and political tension that surround the area with a new storm of murder, fatwas and takfirism.

“Iraq, as well as all states of the region, was not spared from this storm,” he stated, calling on Iraqis “to stand united in the face of the storm to mitigate its effects on the country facing the takfirist speech and fatwas of murder and incitement issued here and there in a clear process to tear the fabric of our communities.”

The prime minister stressed that “the silence on the fatwas and incitement and sectarian killings is imminent danger that threatens everyone.”

Iraqi Prime Minister also noted that “the situation calls upon us to reject the trends and policies that weaken our country for the benefit of this regional party or another,” stressing at the same time the establishing of the best and blessed relations with the countries of the region and the world.

Addressing the politicians, Maliki said: “Dear brothers and sisters responsible for building of Iraq, our future depends on our attitude, and we have no choice but to live as loving brothers without turning to rival groups, sects and nationalities.”

“Let us reject the speech of sectarianism and sectarians to protect our country and our people from the evil and destruction,” he added.

He also appealed to the political currents in the country to sit at the dialogue table to achieve the national reconciliation in order to serve the march of political work in the country.

The ceremony, attended by senior officials, including Vice President Khudair Alkhozai and a large number of ministers and representatives of diplomatic missions to Iraq, was held to celebrate Iraq’s withdrawal from Chapter VII, which the country had been underwent to it, after the invasion of Saddam Hussein’s regime of Kuwait in 1990.

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