Maliki:”Plots are planned by regional intelligence departments”


In a statement addressed to Iraqis over Fallujah clashes, Maliki said “The clashes took place in Fallujah was not surprising since we warned previously from the attempts of the agenda hostile to Iraq to ruin the political process and to destabilize the security situation to start clashes with the armed forces.”

“These plots are planned by regional intelligence departments and the remains of Baath as well as Qaeda Organization to exploit the demonstrations calling for constitutional rights,” he added.

“Some deceived sides attacked an Iraqi Army checkpoint in Fallujah by stones then by bullets which resulted in tensions that the armed and terrorist groups aims to create under the course of sectarian plan,” he mentioned.

“We urge the security forces to avoid direct responses and force in dealing with the demonstrations as we call all the wise sides in Anbar province to exert efforts to avoid sedition,” he continued.

He also called “The demonstrators to keep demonstrations away the provocative actions to avoid clashes with the armed forces.”

“I call all sides to sustain national unity to prevent the enemies of Iraq from exploiting them,” he concluded.

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