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Martyrs…A Sublime Imagery to the Love of Life

Approximately one thousand and nine hundred of Lebanon’s lion hearts attained martyrdom over twenty nine years, since the day the Resistance came to light. One thousand and nine hundred of the young men whose will was as steely as metal, their hearts and souls as pure as snow, they were as honest as the day, as passionate as flowers and compassionate like mothers, still tough and determined, and as courageous as lions…

Twenty nine years… in every year there were martyrs who only carved the path and prepared the lane for victories. And during this history of sacrifices and victories, were stations and pivotal martyrdoms that sculpted the meanings of love of life, sacrifice and altruism.

On the eleventh of November of the year 1982, the year Zionist stepped foot on our beloved land, was the first station. It was the first self-sacrifice martyr, Ahmad Kassir, the young man who loved life and loved his dear ones enough to know the importance and meaning as well as the effect of his giving. The first of all self-sacrifice martyrs, paved the way for others to follow his lead and be the source of pride and motive to go on with life and strive.

More into the significance of Kassir’s martyrdom, is its symbolism, as he prepared for the operation, executed it on anonymity until his identity was revealed three years later. He was the door to the “home sweet home” of the martyrs, princes of heaven as said Sayyed Abbas Moussawi.

More martyrs stepped foot into their “home’ and more came to prove their love to life and readiness to confront the enemy with all might and strength, among the first were the leaders of the resistance.

Sheikh Ragheb Harb, the founder of the Islamic Resistance was among the very first who joined the fleet of martyrs, followed by another major leader, Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, the first Hizbullah Secretary General. Sayyed Abbas had said some words a few moments before his martyrdom, words originally of Imam Khomenie and will forever be imprinted in our minds: “Kill us and our people grow more aware”.

Unlike leaders majority of the world, who sit aside and watch their people suffer of oppression, and tyranny, these leaders were the first to enter battle, and the first to give up their lives for the well-being of their people.

Not only were the leaders to sacrifice themselves, but also their children, as Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah did. Sayyed Hadi Nasrallah at the age of 16 was martyred in the year 1997, and his corpse fell captive in Zionist hands.
Martyrdom follows the other, and a victory follows another, and only harder becomes combating for the “Israelis” who fear this resistance as it remains incomprehensible to them.

Then was the liberation of the land, and as more martyrs fell, more and more were the techniques developed, and the hearts braver, and the will only stronger. The 2006 Victory followed the first major victory that brought along more persistence and perseverance. And more were the failing attempts of the enemy to launch wars through the different mediums, and the harder it became for them to target the resistance fighters, especially a “wanted” leader who has been scaring the Zionists and has been their nightmare for years and years.

It is Haj Radwan, Martyr Imad Moghnieh I am talking about. It is the martyrdom that unlike what the enemy thought was a boost to Lebanon and the resistance, to many young men who were on the sidelines of the resistance equation and became part of it. And the enemy awaits, observes with fear, the moment the resistance will retaliate for the loss of a leader that caused only more gain and more victories.

It is all these martyrs, who drew the path for a healthy life, full of love and strive and modesty, and that is the core of resistance and martyrdom.

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