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Martyr’s Day, the Day of Life

November 11, a historic day which is known as the Martyr’s Day. Various areas in Lebanon were for the whole week decorated with banners and fliers that are welcoming the arrival of this day. A day the majority of the Lebanese believe is a day of pride and a cause of Lebanese dignity.

This day celebrates the souls who made Lebanon’s victory, freedom, and real independence. A day where people’s tears run longing for the late martyrs, yet filled with joy and pride of their blood that freed their land.

On November 11, people assembled to gather in Sayyed Al Shuhadaa Complex in the Beirut Southern Suburb, commemorating Martyr’s Day in presence of Hizbullah and Islamic Resistance supporters.

People from the capital city of Beirut, Bikaa, South, North, and Mount Lebanon, headed to participate in this occasion, as the least they could do in return to the martyr’s sacrifices that saved Lebanon.

Prominent politicians and Lebanese figures also took part in the celebration of this patriotic national day.

In an interview with Moqawama.org, former Minister Abdul Rahim Murad expressed his pride saying, “We feel proud when we participate in such occasions because we suffered so much and these martyr heroes were the ones who avenged for the suffering which we and all the Lebanese passed through for so long”.

“The martyrs are the ones who achieved the victory in the year 2000, and the second victory in the year 2006, so our pride is of the martyrs who already sacrificed their lives and of the resistance that is ready to do so. The least we could do is to glorify these martyrs, and set them as role models for future generations”, former Minister Murad said.

Moustafa Hamdan Head of Mourabitoun party, expressed to Moqawama.org what Martyr’s Day resembles to him.

“I would like to emphasize that if it weren’t for the martyrs and their blood, no one after the year 2006 would had been able to practice a normal life. On this occasion, I also can’t not remember my mentor, friend, and role model in resistance Hajj Rodwan (Imad Moghniyeh), and wish he was with us now”, Moustafa Hamdan expressed.

Hussein Hamadeh of the Islamic Jamaa, said that Martyr’s Day means a lot to the Islamic community were both share the concept of Jihad to defend Islam.

In an interview with Moqawama.org, Hamadeh said, “The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon proved that the Islamic resistance is the true power capable of defending Lebanon and its people. We praise the Islamic Resistance Martyrs in Lebanon, and Palestine”.

MP Zaher El Khatib on his part said, “Martyr’s day represented a rather unusual stage on the level of making the way for a historic victory which was achieved in the year 2006”.

El Khatib further added, “The martyr’s blood gave Lebanon the trait of living with pride, and here we can confirm that the resistance, on all levels represented a new path, where the only choice for the nations will be the choice of resistance”.

On the other hand, Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc member Walid Sukariyeh said, “Martyr’s day is the day of pride and dignity, they are the climax of sacrifice, because their blood and sacrifices gave us the pride and dignity, and drew our way to a better future. The martyrs then are our pride, history, future and glory and we will always remain on their path”.

The first lines of participants were the families of the martyrs, who came to commemorate the day of their beloved late ones.

Amal, a mother of a martyr said, “We the families of the martyrs are the first to participate in this ceremony and we are in the first lines. This is the day that concerns us more than any entity in the entire world. We will stay on this path which our fathers, brothers and children built”.

Brenda Beard from Friends of Lebanon recalled what this day means to her, expressing how much she values the holiness of this day. “I flew in today to be here because they have all my respect and we love you and will be with you always. We are honored to be here. They have our support and reiteration”, Brenda Beard explained.

A group of Druze people assembled from Mount Lebanon to take part in this big annual ceremony. They expressed their happiness to be present among the families of the resistance fighters, and martyrs who because of them, the Lebanese’s hearts are still beating.

Diana, one of the participants from Mount Lebanon, believed in big faith the importance of the martyr’s day, as the importance of the Martyr’s bloods.

“Marty’s day resembles the day of the person who sacrificed his blood for Lebanon, and to defend his country and people”, Diana expressed. She also added, “If it weren’t for all martyrs, there wouldn’t have been victory, and “Israel” would have been able to enter Lebanon, not only to the south, but every inch of Lebanon. Every person should sacrifice his blood for Lebanon like the martyrs”.

This is a sample of various stances calling for the importance of the resistance, and where the most significant role is the martyr’s role in Lebanon.

It is a day during which all memories are united to appreciate what the martyrs have sacrificed to present us with the Lebanon we now know; the semi-independent Lebanon.

More martyrs are yet to come, sacrificing their whole being for the love of their country, people, and most of all, the love of leader of the resistance, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, whose words attain the true meaning of sacrifices the resistance presents.

The day of the Martyr is the day of life.

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